Investigations Unlimited LLC


Domestic Investigations
Domestic Surveillance: Cheating spouses, divorce evidence, pre-matrimonial
Child Custody & Child Support: Neglect, molestation, abuse investigations
Co-Habitation and Co-Domicile: Alimony & child support adjustments
Harassment: Vandalism cases, neighbor annoyance, neighbor threats
Insurance Investigations
Insurance Surveillance: Workers compensation, disability claims, accident claims, automobile claims, SIU.
Fraudulent case: Slips and falls, personal injury
Surveillance: We provide and perform quality and covert video while on surveillance of cases involving doctors,
workers comp, court hearings
Activity Checks: Neighborhood canvas, claimant interviews
Professional Court Testimony: We provide professional mannerism with business attire, taped evidence (DVD or Video) & reports
Business Investigations
Corporate Due Diligence Investigations: Exaggerated earnings, financial history
Background Check: Location, Judgments and Liens, Financial Data, Litigation Involvement, Executive Officer, Background, Industry Reputation, Payment History, Ownership of other Corporate Entities
Details of Corporate Entities: Corporations, Trade names, DBA, LTD, LLC, Sole Proprietor, UCC Filings, Assets, Identify the major stockholders, legal history
Other: New partnership, joint venture, merger, or corporate restructuring.
Asset Investigation
Judgment Collection: Locate assets in the judgment debtors’ names or assets conveyed fraudulently
Estate & Probate Matters: Locate assets of the Decedent
Domestic: Locate undisclosed assets in cases of Divorce, Collecting Child Support, Pre-Nuptials,
Due Diligence: Pre-Business Partnership, Background Investigations
Bankruptcy: Unpaid bills or Loans
Probate & Missing Heir Research
Identifies and locates Beneficiaries or Heirs who are missing or unknown to the estate
Research, heirship documentation, translations, title or asset tracing, and declarations
Prepares genealogical proofs accepted by the courts to establish heirship
Locating People
National & International Locating: Locating of Witnesses, Deadbeat Parents, Long Lost Family & Friends
Legal and Attorney Support Services
Pre-Trial and Litigation Support: All areas including witness statements
Criminal Defense: Locating witnesses, interviewing police and prospective witnesses, gathering and reviewing evidence
Judgments, Liens & Bankruptcies
Research Services
Names, DOB's, Employment, Forwarding Addresses, social security number tracing, Driving Record and violations, Criminal histories and more.
Residence, Business descriptions, Mortgage companies, Title holders, Insurance Policies
Loss Prevention
Employee Theft & Loss Prevention
Employee Interviews and Interrogations
Computer Investigations
Email Tracing: Detecting sources of threatening or harassing electronic communications
Computer Hard Drive Data Recovery: Email, Chat Lines, Pornographic Analysis, Email Tracing, Child Predators, Company Productivity
Computer Forensics
Computer Databases and Hand Searches
Court Record Searches & Research, Public records, Criminal, Marriages, Divorces, Births, Deaths
Pre-Employment Screening & Background Information Services
Electronic Eavesdropping Countermeasures

Expectation that confidential business or personal conversations are being intercepted, or a threat thereof
Indication of a listening device
Noise on the telephone line
Frequent leaks of information
License #A07805